Jig Boring Machines are designed to make center-to-center holes located at a certain distance from each other. All Jig Boring Machines are equipped with CNC, as their operation principle is based on the movement of the workpiece relative to the cutting tool with up to micron accuracy.

Using Jig Boring Machine, it is possible to perform the following operations: blind and through hole making, finishing using mills, boring and reaming, spacing and machining of end surfaces, controlling target sizes. Jig Boring Machines perform machining of holes in polar coordinate system and machining of angle holes, as the machines are equipped with rotary tables.

Jig Boring Machine configurations include single-column machines (table longitudinal and transverse travels to target positions and vertical movement of the spindle head depending on workpiece height) and two-column machines (longitudinal travel of the table, transverse travel of spindle head along the cross-arm and vertical travel of the cross-arm with the spindle head).

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