Gear machines are designed to make special gears. They are used for finishing and manufacturing of various gear teeth. These machines also process gear racks and worms. Due to the various technical specifications, gear machines have varied capacity and format of the manufactured parts. Therefore, to select a machine, one should pay attention to the availability of functions and application possibilities, accessories, machine dimensions.

The following types of gear machines are represented in our catalog:

– Gear Shaping Machines;
– Gear Tooth Rounding Machines;
– Gear Chamfering Machines;
– Gear Honing Machines;
– Gear Hobbing Machines;
– Gear Shaving Machines;
– Sear Grinding Machines;
– Spline Milling Machines.

ZAO Gigant provides a wide range of gear machine models manufactured by Russian and foreign companies which will allow you to choose the machine that is most suitable for addressing your company technical challenges.

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