The work of Milling Machines involves the operation of electric motor which drives the mill, which, in turn, removes extra layer of material from the workpiece. Depending on functional capabilities, Milling Machines are divided into universal and CNC type. CNC Milling Machines performance is 2-3 times higher than that of Universal Milling Machines, which is reflected in their higher cost.

In Milling Machines, the main motion is mill rotation, feed motion – relative workpiece and mill motion.
Auxiliary motions are necessary to prepare the cutting process. Auxiliary motions include motions associated with machine setup, its control, clamping and releasing workpieces and tools, advancing tools to machined surfaces and their retraction; movement of devices for automatic dimension inspection etc.

There are several types of Milling Machines:
– Vertical Milling Machines;
– Horizontal Milling Machines;
– Drilling and Milling Machines;
– Omnimill Versatile Machines;
– CNC Milling Machines;
– Milling Machining Centers;
– Special Milling Machines.

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