Guillotine Shears are a mechanical device designed to cut materials with a movable knife moving in the same plane without changing the angle of inclination. Guillotine Shears are used at the early production for direct longitudinal and transverse cutting of sheet and strip material made of steel, non-ferrous metals and their alloys.

Press Shears are a device designed for metal processing, combining both shears and press.

Guillotine Shears advantages are:

– reliability and structural strength;
– high precision of cutting;
– efficiency;
– functionality and ease of maintenance.

The following types of Shears are represented in our catalogue:

– Hydraulic Guillotine Shears;
– Electromechanical Guillotine Shears;
– Pneumatic Guillotine Shears;
– Crank Guillotine Sheet Shears;
– Combined Press Shears;
– Hydraulic Press Shears.

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